Mission Number 300


  1. Date: 28/29 July 1945
  2. Target: Ujiyamada Urban Area
  3. Participating Unit: 313th BW
  4. Number A/C Airborne: 99
  5. % A/C Bombing Primary: 92.92% (93 Primary and 1 Opportunity)
  6. Type of Bombs and Fuzes: E46, 500# incendiary clusters set to open 5,000 feet above Target. 
  7. Tons of Bombs Dropped: 734.6 tons on Primary and 7.8 tons on Opportunity. 
  8. Time Over Primary: 290215K - 290324K
  9. Altitude of Attack: 12,000 - 13,800
  10. Weather Over Target: 0/10 - 5/10
  11. Total A/C Lost: 0 
  12. Resume of Mission: Crews reported unobserved to excellent results.  Fires were visible for 120 miles.  Reconnaissance later revealed 39% of the built-up area had been destroyed.  35 A/C bombed visually and 58 bombed by radar.  Black-out in Target area was complete, although some cities not listed in propaganda leaflets did not black-out.  Flak was reported as heavy and medium, meager to moderate and generally inaccurate.  A great deal of A/W fire was reported.  A few phosphorous bombs and balls of fire were non-effective.  One Wind-Run A/C was A/B. Nine B-29s landed at Iwo Jima.  Average bomb load: 16,906 lbs. Average fuel reserve: 774 gallons. 




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