Mission Number 264


  1. Date: 12/13 July 1945
  2. Target: Ichinomiya Urban Area
    Participating Unit: 73rd BW
  3. Number A/C Airborne: 130
  4. % A/C Bombing Primary: 94.61% (123 Primary and 2 Opportunity)
  5. Type of Bombs and Fuzes: AN-M47A2, 100# incendiary bombs with instantaneous nose. 
  6. Tons of Bombs Dropped: 772 tons on Primary and 12.6 tons on Opportunity. 
  7. Time Over Primary: 130154K - 130345K
  8. Altitude of Attack: 6,000 - 12,200
  9. Weather Over Target: 10/10
  10. Total A/C Lost: 0
  1. Resume of Mission: Photo reconnaissance indicated .01 sq. mile, representing 8% of the built-up portion of the city, was destroyed.  The textile mills in the N and W part of the city received some damage, with 1 being 100% gutted.  Nine small buildings were destroyed.  Five A/C were non-effective.  Ten crews sighted the Target, which was not visible to other A/C. Flak encountered was heavy and medium, nil to meager, and inaccurate.  Twelve E/A sighted made no attacks.  Three B-29's landed at Iwo Jima.  Average bomb load: 12,769 lbs. Average fuel reserve: 873 gallons. 




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