Mission Number 76


  1. Date:  18 April 1945
  2. Code Name:  Aghast #2
  3. Target: Tachiari A/F   (Visual) 90.35-1236, Omura A/F  (Radar) 90.36-849
  4. Participating Unit:  73rd Bombardment Wing
  5. Number A/C Airborne:  21
  6. % A/C Bombing Primary:  95%  (20 primary and 1 Opportunity)
  7. Time Over Primary:  18084IK-180854K
  8. Altitude of Attack:  15,000-15,400
  9. Weather Over Target:  clear - visibility restricted to 10 miles by haze
  10. Total A/C Lost:  2
  11. Resume of Mission:  Bombing results good  - additional damage to hangars and other buildings.  Four single engine and three twin engine damaged and one single engine and one twin engine destroyed on ground.  One aircraft lost over Target to enemy action and one aircraft hit by enemy aircraft ditched on return.  Enemy air opposition heavy  -67 attacks.  Enemy aircraft destroyed one, probably destroyed three and six damaged.  AA heavy, meager and inaccurate.  Average bomb load 8,472 lbs.  Average gas reserve 557 gallons.





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