20th Air Force Links


58th Bomb Wing - 	neam.org/58th/history.asp
(West Field, Tinain )     

     40th Bomb Group - 	40thbombgroup.org 
     444th Bomb Group - 	444thbg.org   and 	seanachas.com/oldindex.htm

     462nd Bomb Group - 	Hellbirds
     468th Bomb Group -  	intergate.com/~sandcrab 

73rd Bomb Wing - 	sallyann2/73bomb-wing-data.html
(Isley Field, Saipan) 

     497th Bomb Group - 	mypages.cityhighflash.com/irishlassie.htm
     498th Bomb Group - 	atkinsopht.com/atk/saipan.htm
     499th Bomb Group - 	haphalloran.com/
     500th Bomb Group - 	powmiaff.org/20thAAF/More/index3.html

313th Bomb Wing -     	
(North Field, Tinain)

     6th Bomb Group - 	philcrowther.com/6bgmain.html

     9th Bomb Group - 	9thbombgrouphistory.org/   
     504th Bomb Group -    	rjs.org/ww2/ and geocities.com/Pentagon/Quarters/3109/

     505th Bomb Group -    	505BombGroupTinian/ and community-2.webtv.net/B29BOMBER

     509th Bomb Group        olive-drab.com/od_nuclear_509th.php

314th Bomb Wing      	
(North Field, Guam)

     19th Bomb Group -   	19thbg.org/

     29th Bomb Group -    	29bg.com/

     39th Bomb Group -   	39th.org/

     330th Bomb Group -  	330th.org/

315th Bomb Wing  -  	315bw.org/  and marketrends.net/WWIIsecret/
(Northwest Field, Guam)

     16th Bomb Group 	315bw.org/16bg.html

     331st Bomb Group  	315bw.org/331bg.html

     501st Bomb Group 	315bw.org/501bg.html

     502nd Bomb Group  	http://www.315bw.org/502bg_hb.html


Other Link's

     Bill Atkins 498th BG B-29 Page  - http://www.atkinsopht.com/atk/batkpage.htm

     39th Bomb Group "Crew 31" - http://www.angelfire.com/in/rwachs/

     Diary of 500th BG Captain Stanley H. Samuelson http://home.att.net/~sallyann4/samuelson1.html   

     T Square 54 - http://www.xmission.com/~tmathews/b29/b29.html






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